When was it built?

The Surgeon’s Quarters was built in 1827.

Its uses during the First Settlement

The two Government  Houses built during the First Settlement were on the site of the Surgeon’s Quarters.  The second one was destroyed when the First Settlement was abandoned.  You can still see some of its foundations at the back of the Surgeon’s Quarters. (see below)


Its uses during the Second Settlement

Early in the Second Settlement the building was occupied by the civil officers as well as the surgeon but he was the only one living there by the mid- 1840s.

The building was made of frames shipped from Sydney in early 1827.  The walls were covered with local timber and wooden shingles covered the roof.

Behind the Surgeon’s Quarters is the kitchen building.  Kitchens were usually built separate from the living quarters so that if there was a fire in the kitchen, it did not spread to the house.

Its uses today

Today the Surgeon’s Quarters is used as the Lions Club rooms and house a large collection of historical photographs.

Daa Serjan’s Kwortas

Wat taim bild et?

Daa Serjan’s Kwortas bild et iin 1827.

Wathen yuus et for iin daa Fas Setelment?

Dem tuu Gawament Haus dem bild iin daa Fas Setelment es daa sait o daa Serjan’s Kwortas.  Daa  sekan an destroi et wen daa Fas Setelment wos abaendand. Yu stil el si sam o dem faundieshan aut’baek o daa Serjan’s Kwortas (si beloe)

Wuthen yuus et for iin daa Sekan Setelment?

Erli iin daa Sekan Setelmen wen daa bilding haed’ siwel ohfisas lewen iin lorngfe daa serjan bat he es daa uni wan lewen ya bai d’ mid- 1840s.

Daa bilden se mek et fe friems shep ya fram Sidni iin erli 1827.  Dem worls se kawa fe loekl timba ena wu shingls kawa daa ruuf.

Ahain dem Serjan’s Kwortas es daa kitchan bilden.  Dem yuushyuali bild em kitchan wieh fram dem lewen kwortas soe ef gat wan faiya iina kitchan, naewa spred iina haus.

Wathen yuus et f’ nau

Desdieh, dem Serjan’s Kwortas es yuust aes daa Laiyans clab ruums en yuusa haus wan laaj kolekshan o histohikl foetograaf.