norfolk island telecom


The Minister for Finance is responsible for Norfolk Telecom.  Norfolk Telecom provides reliable, high quality telecommunications services to the community.   They try to make sure that international communications are reliable and affordable so are always trying to find ways to improve their services.

Norfolk Telecom provides radio and television services which are largely funded by Administration.

Norfolk Telecom’s infrastructure

Norfolk Telecom’s current infrastructure consists of:

  1.     Fixed line telephone utilising copper twisted pair cable and optic fibre

  2.     Two Satellite Earth Station

  3.     GSM Mobile switch with five remote base stations and 2 micro cells

  4.     Central public exchange which switches international as well as national calls

  5.     ADSL Broadband internet connection  (Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line)

  6.     ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Norfolk Telecom’s Services

Norfolk Telecom’s current services include:

  1.     Online telephone directory for up to date white and yellow pages

  2.     Annual publication of the printed Norfolk Island Telephone Directory

  3.     Telephone enquiries, account enquiries and local directory assistance

  4.     Provision of PABX services to businesses and accommodation houses

  5.     Emergency communications for the Norfolk Island Disaster and Emergency Management Plan


The Administration of Norfolk Island