the ofFicers’ baths


Its use during the Second Settlement

The area known as the Officers’ Baths is in the southwestern corner of the Parade Grounds, now known as Pound Paddock.  The creek flowed through a dip in the ground, and when the Parade Ground was made, the dip was filled in.  A water collection point was made in 1835.

Although it is called the Officers’  Baths, it was really just a point for the soldiers to collect their water.  People would also collect their water from wells, but these were often close to privies (lavatories).  This would mean that the water would often be dirty, and people would get sick.

The water in the Officers’ Baths area came from Town Creek, higher up the valley and was clean.  The water was probably collected from here in a cart and taken to the buildings.

The area is sometimes called the Tanks, but water was not stored here.  No one knows why it is called the Officers’ Baths, but it may be because the officers sat on the edge and dangled their feet in to keep cool.

Its use during the Third Settlement

We do not know if the Pitcairners used the water supply from here, but Reverend Nobbs wrote, “with one exception, all the water has to be raised from a few dangerous wells”.  So maybe the Officers’ Baths was the one place they could use.

Its use today
It is not used today at all, and a fence has been built around to keep the cows away from the walls.

Dem Ohfisas’ Baath


Wieh yuus et iin daa Sekan Setelment

Daa said dem korl daa Ohfisas’ Baath es iin daa sauwes korna fe daa Paried Graun, nau wi korlet daa Paun Paedak.  Daa drien floe thruu wan dip iina graun, en wen dem mek daa Paried Graun, dem fil iin daa dip.  Dem mek wan said fe kolekt’ worta iin 1835.

Eni wieh dem korlet dems Ohfisas’ Baath, wos riili uni wan said fe dem soeljas geta worta.  Salan orlsoe bin yuus’ geta worta fram dem wael, bat sam es cloes gen dem khloset en el mek dem worta hui hui en salan el kam sor.

Dem worta iin daa Ohfisas’ Baath ieriya kam fram daa Taun Drien, haiya ap aa waeli en ent’ dohti an.  Dem worta mus prohbabli get et fram ya iina kaat en tek et gen dem bildens.

Dem samtaim el korl dieh said d’ Tanks, bat dem naewa stor d’ worta ya.  Wi kaa fut se korl et  Ohfisas’ Baath, bat mait bii said dem ohfisas bin yuusa sti orn’ iej en pat iin dems lieg fe kiip kuul.

Wieh yuus et iin daa Therd Setelment

Wi danoe sef dem Pitkernas yuus daa worta saplai fram ya, bat Revren Nohbs rait, “with one exception, all the water has to be raised from a few dangerous wells”.  Soe mait bii daa Ohfisas’ Baaths es daa uni said dem el yuus.

Wieh yuus et desdieh
Nor yuus’ yuus et desdieh, en dem bin bil wan faens fe kiip em kaetl wieh fram dem worls.