Their use during the Second Settlement

Wells were built during the Second Settlement to provide water for the people living in the penal colony.  Two were built inside the compound walls of the Old Military Barracks.  One was built to provide water for the hospital, the other for the officers and soldiers.  The houses in Quality Row also had wells for the occupants to use for their drinking water.

Often the wells were built too near to the privies (lavatories) and the water became dirty, and people became sick. 


A well in the garden of a house in Quality Row                                The Old Military Barracks well

Their use during the Third Settlement

Although the Old Military Barracks were not much used during the Third Settlement, the wells may have been used.  The occupants of the Quality Row houses used the wells in the gardens.

Their use today

The wells are not used at all today as everyone has running water

Dem Wael

Dem yuset iin daa sekan setelment

Iin daa sekan setelment dem bild dem wael soe gata worta f’ dem salan lewen iin daa piinel kohloni.  Tuu bild et insaid dem compaun worl f’ daa  Oel Militri Baeraks.  Wan bild et f’ giwa worta f’ daa hospetl, daa taeda f’ dem ohfisas ena soelja.  Dem haus iin Kwohleti Roe (Quality Row)  haeda wael tuu f’ dem salan lewen iin d’ dem’s drinken worta.

Samtaim dem bild et tuu kloes gen dem klohset en dem worta kam huihui en salan sor. 

Dem yus iin daa Therd Setlment

Iiwen doh dem naewa yuus daa Oel Militeri Baeraks daa mach iin daa Therd Setlment, dem mait bii bin yuus dem wael.  Dem salan huu lewen iin dem Kwohleti Roe haus yuus dem worta fram dem wael f’ dems gaaden.

Dem yuus desdieh

Dem nor yuusa yuus dem wael desdieh.