When was it built?

The building of the windmill was commenced in April 1842 and completed in November 1844. It had four fans and the whole building was made of wood.  It rotated in the wind around a large post up the middle.  There was a ditch around the base that a stabilising wheel ran around.  The site chosen for the windmill was on Point Hunter.

Its uses during the Second Settlement

The windmill was needed to grind corn and other grain into flour because the watermill was not efficient enough to grind all the flour that was needed.  The windmill turned two pairs of grinding stones that were 4 feet (more than 1 metre) in diameter.  In 1844, people were very concerned about whether the building was stable enough.  By 1849 the wooden building had been surrounded by the stone building that you see today. 

Its uses today

The old windmill stands on the edge of the golf course. It is not in use but is a reminder of the industrial past when the wind was used to help feed people.

Daa Winmil

Wat taim dem bild et?

Dem begen’ bild daa winmil iin Ieprl 1842 en dan et Noewemba 1844. Bin gat for faens en s’ miek et f’wud. Bin spin raun wan big poes iin daa medl. Haed wan dich raun daa bies f’ daa stiebelaisieshan wiil ran iin.  Daa said dem chyuus f’ pat et es Point Hunter.

Wathen yus et for iin daa sekan setlment?

Dem niid daa winmil f’ grain’  korn en taeda grien iintu flaua  said daa wortamil kaa duu orl dem want. Daa winmil tan 2 peya grain stoen es 4 fiit  (biga den 1 miita) iin diamiita.   Iin 1844 salan begin’ fret wetha daa bilden es stiebl an. Bai 1849 dem s’ tan daa wud bilden f’ stoen simes es desdieh.

Wathen yus et f’ nau?

Daa oel winmil staan orn daa iej f’ daa gohlf kors.  Nor yusa yuus et bat es remainda o aklans indastriyal paas wen dem win haelp fiid’ salan.