two chimneys reserve



Two Chimneys Reserve is on the eastern coast of Norfolk Island.


This reserve occupies 14 hectares of land.



The reserve contains rolling hills and deep valleys.  In the southern section, a wide valley slopes down to the sea.  There is a basalt lava flow underneath the reserve.  The soil is rich and clayey which drains quickly.

Why is it important for conservation?

Two Chimneys Reserve contains remnant coastal forest with areas of White Oak and mature Norfolk Island Pine.  Most of the other native trees are found in this reserve.  The coastal cliff plant communities don’t contain many weeds.

During World War II there were a number of gun posts in the reserve to defend the island in case of enemy invasion.

Best Bits

  1.     There is a fairly easy walk down to the sea.

  2.     The picnic area is large enough for big family gatherings. 

  3.     White Terns, Ghostbirds and Tropic Birds nest in this reserve.




W’said es

Tuu Chimnis Reserw es orn daa iis koes o’ Norfuk Ailen (Norfolk Island).


Dieh reserw tek ap 14 hekteyas o’ laen.



Dieh reserw gata roelen hil ena diip waeli.  Iin daa sauth piis, wan waid waeli sloep daun gen daa sii.  Gat wan baesolt laawa floe anda dieh reserw.  Dem soiyl es rich en kliehyii en el drien faas.

Fut es importantan fe kohnsaviehshan?

Tuu Chimnis Reserw gata remnant koestl fohres lorngf’ ieriyas o’ Wait Oek ena matyuuwa Norfuk Ailen (Norfolk Island) Pain.  Mus orl dem tada nietiw trii el fain in dieh reserw.  Dem  koestl  klef plaant kohmyuunitis nor gat mach wiid.

Iin Werl Wor II bin gat wan nambar o’ gan poess iin dieh reserw fe defend daa alien bembeya gata enemi invieshan.

Baes Piis

  1. Gat wan kwait iisi work daun gen daa sii.

  2. Daa piknik ieriya big’naf fe feta big faemli gaethren. 

  3. White Terns, Goesbad ena Boesan Berd nes iin dieh reserw.