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Tourism is by far Norfolk Island’s largest industry so ensuring that our visitors thoroughly enjoy their holiday on Norfolk is essential to the well-being of our community.  The Norfolk Island Visitor Information Centre (VIC) exists to help ensure their stay is a happy one to remember. 

The interest of the Visitor Information Centre begins from the moment our visitors land to when they return to the Airport to fly home.  It’s amazing how confusing arriving at a new airport can be sometimes, especially an international airport.  Members of the VIC staff welcome every one of our visitors at the airport, give them some useful information about our island and are available to assist them to get to their accommodation.

Inside the Visitor Information Centre, (and you’re welcome at any time to come in and have a look), we have just about all the information anyone could want to help them decide what to do that’s interesting and fun on Norfolk.  We have information on tours, hiking, fishing and snorkelling.  We have information on museums and art galleries.  If a person wanted to go deep-sea fishing in the morning and walk through the ruins of Kingston in the afternoon and maybe do a progressive dinner at night, we could help arrange that for them, too.

As well as all of that, we collect information from surveys of our visitors and collate it to see how we can improve our services and make sure that we are meeting the tourists’ needs.

People ask what it takes to work at the Visitor Information Centre and it’s pretty simple: friendliness towards others.  That’s always the best policy.  We treat people the way we would want to be treated when we’re on holiday.  It’s the Norfolk way, too.

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