walking tracks in national parks



What’s here?

  1. Norfolk Island National Park has a wide variety of walking tracks available.

  2. The national park has maps available for free to help you plan your walk.

  3. Walks vary in length from 100m to over 3km so there is a suitable walk for most people.             

  4. Some of the walks are steep and demanding but others are gentle.

  Palm Glen Loop track

Things to Remember

  1. Wear suitable shoes – not bare feet, thongs or high heels.

  2. Take water with you because there you cannot get it on the tracks.

  3. Tell someone where you are going.

  4. Keep to the tracks but if you do get lost, walk uphill until you find a clear track or road

  5. Keep away from cliff edges and steep slopes.

  6. Carry out your rubbish; never leave it in the park.


The walks


Palm Glen: This gentle track takes you through subtropical rainforest

The Mt Pitt track starts at Captain Cook Lookout


Parts of the Bird rock track are quite steep but rewarding for those who can make it



The Botanic garden contains many raised walkways 



 Wathen ya?

  1. Norfuk Ailen Naeshnal Paak gat plenti worken traek el yuus.

  2. Daa naeshnal paak gata maep salan el tek f’ frii f’ haelp plaen yus work.

  3. Work el goe fram 100m t’ oeva 3km soe gata suutibl work moes salan el chyuus

  4. Sam o dem work es stiipan en haadan bat athas es iisian.

 Thing f’ Rimemba

  1. Pat orn’ shuu f’ suut – nort‘  beya lieg, thongs ala hai hiil.

  2. Teka worta lonrgf’ yuu kos gat noen orn dem traek.

  3. Laan’ d’ salan said yu gwen.

  4. Sti orn dem traek bat ef yu gu lors, work ap dem hil tal yu s’ fain wan kleya traek ala roed

  5. Sti wieh fram dem clef iej ena stiip sloeps.

  6. Tek wieh yuus rabish; du lubbii iin daa paak.

Dem work