waste management


Managing wastes on Norfolk Island is a challenge because it is so isolated.  All communities have to develop ways to control their waste but many of the methods used in Australia and New Zealand are unsuitable.  The Administration of Norfolk Island has had to find new solutions and is making progress towards ensuring a sustainable future.

Households and businesses take sorted waste to the Waste Management Centre.  Waste is deposited into different bins for glass, paper, plastic, aluminium, steel and garbage. 


There is pressure to reduce the amount of rubbish going to the Waste Management Centre.  In 2009 a high temperature incinerator was built to burn waste.  The ash and unburnt material is transported to Headstone and tipped into the ocean.  Some burning of waste also takes place at Headstone.  Administration is working with the community to reduce the amount of material and packaging which is imported to Norfolk Island that will become rubbish.


Plant material from across Norfolk Island can be deposited at the Waste Management Centre.  It is fed into an industrial mulching machine which chops the waste into fine woodchips which are then used as mulch on gardens.  People also leave things they no longer need at the Centre for other people to collect.


Aluminium cans are collected and compacted into cubes which are packed and sent to Australia for recycling.  In the future, more materials will be shipped to Australia for recycling.

A glass crushing machine has been installed to crush the waste glass bottles and jars.  About 3 – 4 tonnes is crushed each week.  The fine crushed glass is used as sand or added to compost so that the composts drains better.


The Administration of Norfolk Island