the Watermill and dam


Its use during the First Settlement

The area that we now know as Watermill Valley was called Arthur’s Vale during the First Settlement.  The first settlers started to clear the valley in 1788 so they could grow crops to feed the convicts and officers. They built a timber watermill, but there are no remains of it now. They also put in earth mounds to mark the fields.

Its use during the Second Settlement

During the Second Settlement the va
lley was called Vale Farm, and a wide variety of crops were grown, such as corn, wheat, cabbages, oranges, melons and tobacco. 

The second watermill was built in 1828 to grind corn.  The corn was then baked into bread for the convicts and officers.

The water wheel powered the millstones and was fed by a stream that came through an underground water race.  The water from the stream dropped from a wooden trough onto the water wheel. By 1844 the watermill was no longer used, as the flour was ground by the crankmill.

Its use during the Third Settlement

The Pitcairn settlers used the mill for a while, but it soon fell into ruins and was no longer in use.  The watermill dam was used to hold water until the mid 1900’s, when the dam was emptied and the land used as a garden to grow vegetables. 

Its use today

There is now water in the dam again and the ducks and geese enjoy swimming on it.  The ruins of the mill and the cottages are preserved.


Daa Wortamil en Daem

Wathen dem yuus et for iin daa Fas Setelment

Daa said wi korl Wortamil Vaeli
bin yuusa korl et Aathas Viel  iin daa Fas Setelment.  Dem fas  setlas begin’ kleya daa vaeli iin 1788 soe dem el planta krop f’ fiid dem cohnvikt ena ohfisa. Dem bild wan wud wortamil, bat nathing laef owet nau.  Dem orlsoe haeda maun miek et f’ dot f’ maak dem paedak.

Wathen dem yuus et for iin daa Sekan Setelment.

Iin daa Sekan Setelment dem korl daa waeli  Viel Faam, en dem bin groe plenti kaina  krops, simis korn, wiit, kaebej, ohren, malan ena  biek’staf. 

Dem bild daa sekan wortamil iin 1828 f’ grain’ korn.  Dem den tan dem korn iina bred f’ dem kohnwikt ena ohfisa.

Daa worta wiil fiid et bai wan striim dhat kam thruu wan andagroun worta ries f’ paua dem milstoen.  Dem worta fram daa striim drop fram daa wud trof ornt’ daa worta wiil.  

Bai 1844 dem naewa yuus daa wortamil gien, kos dem yuus grain dem flaua lonrgf’ daa craenkmil.

Wathen dem yuus et for iin daa Therd Setelment

Dem Pitcairn setlas yuus daa mil short wail, bat it suun kam es ruuans en dem naewa yuus et.  Dem yuus daa  wortamil daem f’ hoel a worta tal dem mid-1900’s, wen dem empti  et en yuus dem laen f’ groe d’  wejtabls. 

Wathen yuus et f’ nau

Nau gata worta iin daa deam gien  en dem dak ena giis lawa naawi iin.  Dem ruuans o’ daa mil en dem kotej s’ preserw et.