who lived in quality row?


Some of the houses in Quality Row have their own pages and you can refer to them to find out who lived in them.

Number 7

Number 7 was built for the Roman Catholic priest, but the Protestant clergyman got to the island first and he chose the house.  So the priest had to move into the house that had been built for the Protestant Clergyman which is at No. 11 Quality Row,  (the house beside the oval).

When the Pitcairners came, the house was given to John Buffett and his daughter.  Later, the house became the doctor’s house.

Number 8

This house was built in 1842 for the Commissariat Officer.  It is smaller than number 7, and has a smaller front wall, with only six pillars.

Arthur Quintal and his family who were descendants of Matthew Quintal, lived in the house. Matthew Quintal was one of the Bounty mutineers.  Arthur’s son Nathaniel and his wife Abbie Louisa Taber Quintal continued to live there.  After the eviction dispute in 1908, the house was burnt down.  The house was renovated in 1969 and has been used as the home of the Official Secretary.

Number 6

This house is the same as number 8, and was built for the Commissariat Clerk.  During the Third Settlement Frederick Young lived in the home.  Later the Methodist Minister, Mr Laverty, lived in it.  At one time it was the Cottage hospital and the Legal Officer also lived it in.

Number 5

The Commissariat Storekeeper lived here during the Second Settlement and is also a second-class or smaller house.  David Buffett lived in it first during the Third Settlement and then his daughter, who married Gregory Quintal.   It burned down in 1908 and was not built again until 1971. 

Numbers 2 and 3

These houses are different from the others as it is a duplex building.  It was built for the Superintendent of Convicts.  During the Third Settlement Charles Driver Christian lived in one side and Philip McCoy lived in the other side.  In about 1940 the house was empty and the stones of the house were used for other buildings.   It is now empty.

Huu lew iin Kwohleti Roe?

Sam o’dii haus iin Qwohleti Roe gat dems oen piej en yu el luk orn fe huu lew iin dem.

Namba 7

Dem bild Namba 7 fe daa Roeman Kaethlik priis, bat daa Prohtestnt Klerjiman get ya t’ daa ailen fas en hi chuus daa haus.  Soe daa priis haewa muuw iin daa haus bin es daa wan fe daa Prohtestnt Klerjiman wich es No. 11 Kwohleti Roe,  (Daa haus gen daa oewl).

Wen dem Pitkernas kam, dem giw daa haus fe John Bafet en his dorta.  Lieta, daa haus kam es daa doktas’s haus.

Namba 8

Dii haus bild et iin 1842 fe daa Kohmisieriyet Ohfisa.  Es iwiya den Namba 7, gat wan iwiya frant worl, en uni siks pila.

Atha Kwentl en his faemili huu es desendants o’Maethyu Kwentl, lew iin des haus. Maethyu Kwentl es wan o’dem Baunti myuutiniyas.  Aatha’s san Nethaenyl en his waif Aebi Luwiisa Taba Kwentl sti lewen deya.  Aafta daa evikshan dispyuut iin 1908, dem ban daa  haus daun.  Daa haus bin renoviet et iin 1969 en yuus et fe daa hoem o’daa Ohfishl Sekreteri.

Namba 6

Deya haus es simis Namba 8, en se bild et fe daa Kohmisieriyet Klaak.  Iin daa Therd Setelment Fredrik Yang lew iin aa haus.  Lieta daa Methadis Minista, Mr Laeveti, lew iin.  Wan taim bin es daa Kohtaj hospetl en aa Liigl Ohfisa orlsoe lew iin.

Namba 5

Daa Kohmisieriyat Storkiipa lew iin dyuuren daa Sekan Setelment, en es orlsoe wan sekan-klaas ala iwi haus.  Diewed Bafet lew iin fas dyuuren daa Therd Setelment en den his dorta, huu meari Gregri Kwentl.   Ban daun inn 1908, en naewa bild et gien tal 1971. 

Nambas 2 and 3

Dii haus es deferent fram dem taeda wan said es wan dyuuplex bilding.  Dem bild et fe daa Suupaintendent o’ Kohnwikts.  Dyuuuren daa Therd Setelment Chaals Draiwa Krischen lew iin wan said en Felap Mekoi lew iin daa tada said.  Iin baut 1940 daa haus se empti en dem yuus dem stoen o’daa haus fe tada bildings.   Es nau emptian.