first penal settlement



The first settlers arrived on 6th March 1788, just six weeks after the First Fleet landed in what is now called Sydney NSW.


They were to set up a settlement and supply the main colony with food. 

Conditions were very difficult and the new colony on Norfolk Island, then called Sydney too, almost starved.


The colony was abandoned in 1814 and the people moved to New Norfolk in Van Dieman’s Land (now Tasmania)


This painting of the First Settlement is in the Commissariat Store Museum. The original is in the Mitchell Library in Sydney NSW

During the First Settlement, many convicts lived on plots of land which they farmed.  Some gained their “Ticket of Leave” and effectively became free settlers but this did not give them the right to remain on Norfolk Island when the settlement was closed down.





Daa Fas Setelment

Dem fas setla kam ya orn 6th Maach 1788, uni siks wiiks aafta daa Fas Fliit laen iin wathen dem nau korl Sidni NSW.


Dem wos fe set ap wan setlement en saplai daa mien kohloni lorngfe wetls. 

Kohndishans es haadan en daa nyuu kohloni ya orn Norfuk, den korlet Sidni tuu, musa staaw.


Dem abaendan daa kohloni iin 1814 en dem salan shef gen Nyuu Norfuk iin Vaen Diimans Laen (nau Taesmieniya)


Dieh pienten o’daa Fas Setelment es iin daa Kohmisieriyet Stor Myuusiiam. Daa orijinl es iin daa Michl Laibri iin Sidni NSW

Iin daa Fas Setelment, plenti kohnwikt lew orn plots o’ laen dem bin yuus’ faam.  Sam get dems “Tiket o’ Liiw” en kam es frii setla bat dieh naewa giw dem daa rait fe stohp ya orn Norfuk Ailen wen dem shet daa setelment daun.